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Chelsey Design
Airdrie, Alberta Canada
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    Airdrie Alberta, Canada
    T4B 2Y4
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    Living life as creatively inspired as I can. I have a passion for what I do and for working with my clients. I have been creatively designing with Adobe Illustrator and the Adobe Creative Suite for approximately 12 years. I love constantly learning and being inspired so I take at least 1 course a year to stay on top of my game.

    When you come to me with your project, it's usually a feeling, maybe a picture in your head, or a concept. I will work with you to make that vision a tangible design.

    Typically I work with business owners and entrepreneurs at any stage that have the challenge of reaching a new audience through their storefront or online presence. I help them get a unique, accurate, and professional visual presentation of their business so will in turn be able to put their best foot forward in reaching their goals.
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